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I-News gets The Denver Foundation’s version of Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

Here at I-News, we feel like we’ve been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. In just the past week, I’ve had two conversations with individuals who are interested in helping I-News sustain quality, in-depth journalism in Colorado. When I told them our current supporters include The Denver Foundation, it was as if I’d said the magic words. I-News received a $5,000 grant from The Denver Foundation this year. We appreciate the funding (do we ever!). Continue Reading →

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I-News wins grant from Fund for Investigative Journalism

I-News has won a grant of nearly $5,000 from the Fund for Investigative Journalism. If you’ve never heard of the Fund, you’ll enjoy the story of how it got started. In 1969, a philanthropist named Philip M. Stern founded the Fund because, as their website describes, he believed: “small amounts of money invested in the work of determined journalists would yield enormous results…” He was right. In the Fund’s first year, it gave $250 to reporter Seymour Hersh. Continue Reading →

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