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Untreated Mental Health Issues Key in Helping System’s “Frequent Flyers”

Christina Jackson looks out the front door of her home in Aurora, Colo. Health care costs, many of them preventable, rank among the highest indirect impacts of mental illness, an analysis by Rocky Mountain PBS I-News has found.

A relatively small group of patients in Colorado rack up an inordinate amount of emergency room and other hospital bills. Many of these so-called frequent flyers suffer with underlying mental illnesses. Officials say behavioral disorders are a root cause of high medical expenses. Continue Reading →

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Untreated: I-News investigation into Mental Health Treatment in Colorado

Erin Hedden hands are cuffed and chained to a waist belt during an interview at Pueblo County, Colo., jail on April 4, 2014. Hedden said she has bipolar disorder and used crystal methamphetamine to self medicate after she lost her insurance and couldnÕt afford medication to treat her illness. SheÕs serving a four-year jail sentence after she crashed her car while driving on drugs, killing a 69-year-old woman. (Joe Mahoney/Rocky Mountain PBS I-News)

Mental illness in Colorado costs some $5.4 billion each year – or about $1,000 for every resident of the state, according to an analysis by Rocky Mountain PBS I-News. “UNTREATED” is a deep look at the issue in Colorado and will change the way you think about one of the biggest public health crises we face. Continue Reading →

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