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Voice: Dr. Carolyn Chen

Dr. Carolyn Chen

“We’re putting a lot of specialty care services higher on the reimbursement scale than primary care preventive services. It’s like if somebody gets there and is obese and has really bad gestational diabetes and they need insulin, then their health insurance or Medicaid or whomever will authorize the payment of X number of dollars to the highest-degree specialist they can get … ” Continue Reading →

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Health gains for African Americans and Latinos lag far behind whites

Lucero Barrios, right, and her daughter, Monserrat, at their Adams County home.

Lucero Barrios is Latina and a new mother – circumstances that place her squarely in a group of people affected by a shocking reality in Colorado: A Hispanic baby born in this state is 63 percent more likely than a white baby to die in the first year of life. Continue Reading →

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