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Aviation report on Colorado State of Mind

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Above: A short video on some of the data points I-News examined. Colorado State of Mind host Cynthia Hessin addresses trends examined by an I-News report on aviation safety with reporter Burt Hubbard and experts Greg Boyd, and James Simmons, Ph.D., a professor at Metro State College Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science. Watch the program on Friday, March 4 at 7:30pm on Rocky Mountain PBS and online at www.rmpbs.org. From the I-News report:
I-News, a collaborative of Colorado media, analyzed 10 years’ worth of air safety reports and found that Colorado’s air traffic controllers reported 32 serious safety concerns last year, ranging from confusion during severe weather to too many trainees in control facilities. There were more reports of serious events and hazards last year than the previous five years combined.

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Above: A brief look at the Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Continue Reading →

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Number of near mid-air collisions may be triple what is reported

Air Safety

The number of near mid-air collisions in Colorado since 2000 may be as much as three times higher than the Federal Aviation Administration has publicly reported. An I-News comparison of two federal aviation safety databases found many more incidents in Colorado classified as near mid-air collisions than the FAA lists in its public database. Continue Reading →

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State news outlets feature air safety report

Several of Colorado’s largest news organizations, including 9News (KUSA-TV) and The Denver Post, this week featured an I-News analysis of air safety data that shows concerns by air traffic controllers. The Post used Burt Hubbard’s project on the front page of Wednesday’s paper. The report is online here: Air-traffic concerns on the rise in Colorado. KUSA combined the investigation with further reporting by Kyle Clark in a “9 Wants to Know” segment. Clark’s report is on the 9News website: Safety concerns from air traffic controllers spike

The Colorado Springs Gazette and Greeley’s NPR station for northern Colorado, KUNC 91.5-FM, used the investigation as well. Continue Reading →

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Coming Wave of Retirements Adds Urgency

Denver International Airport

During a thunderstorm last July, as wind shears and microbursts descended over Denver International Airport, two air traffic control supervisors puzzled over how to set up landings for incoming aircraft.
 “They took a guess,” said an air traffic controller who was in the tower at the time. “They were wrong.”
 Continue Reading →

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