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Where do Colorado’s old electronics go?

Day 1: E-Waste Laws Across the Country

As the holiday season approaches, a host of tempting new electronic gadgets awaits. But what actually happens to Colorado’s old electronics? The answer may surprise you. It surprised government regulators. Our investigation uncovered illegal exporting, backyard recycling and more. Continue Reading →

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I-News e-waste reporting has impact

Last November, an I-News investigation uncovered dangerous and illegal treatment of hazardous electronic waste that even Colorado regulators didn’t know about. State lawmakers have introduced legislation attempting to fix some of the problems I-News found. Here’s the latest from I-News reporter Kristin Jones:

It’s hard to imagine: A flourishing local trade in hazardous electronic waste. Brokers buy it by the container-load, and sell it to the highest bidders. Their customers store it in their basements, douse it in acid or burn it in their driveways, truck it to local landfills, or ship it to Asia or Africa to be sold on the open market or dumped in toxic wastelands. Continue Reading →

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