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Thousands of struggling Colorado public school students unlikely to catch up

Thousands of Colorado school children are behind in math, reading, writing and science – and they might never catch up. This week, I-News helped our media partners throughout Colorado tell the story. I-News analyzed data from the Colorado Student Assessment Program for our media partners.The CSAP data are thousands of numbers that show how students in grades 3 through 10 perform in reading, writing, math and science. I-News boiled the numbers down, then shared them with our media partners statewide. Here’s some of what we found:

Nearly 87 percent of Colorado public school students who fail to meet state education standards in math are not on pace to catch up, according to an I-News analysis of the latest standardized testing results. Continue Reading →

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More Colorado Public School Students Reading, But Fewer Excel

By Burt Hubbard, I-News Network

More Colorado public school children are meeting state education standards for reading than they were 15 years ago, but fewer are excelling at the subject, an I-News Network analysis of new school testing scores shows. State education officials today (Aug. 3) released scores for the standardized Colorado Student Assessment Program tests – known as CSAPs – which showed the portion of fourth graders in state public schools who meet or surpass state reading requirements has risen 10 percentage points since testing began a decade and a half ago. An I-News analysis of those data show the gains appear to have stalled recently, though. Most reading gains came in the first decade of testing, the analysis shows. Continue Reading →

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