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Diabetes in Colorado youth rises; future uncertain

Raquel Villa, 17, checks her blood sugar level at her home in Federal Heights, Colo., on 6/5/12 as she manages Type II diabetes she developed when she was 12. Villa is one of a number of youngsters with Type II diabetes, previously a disease only affecting adults.

Almost every week across Colorado, a child is diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease that used to occur only in adults. These young patients are developing type 2 diabetes – what used to be called “adult onset” diabetes. The disease is strongly linked to obesity, and it used to take decades to develop in adults. But in the past two decades, the degenerative disease suddenly began showing up in children. Continue Reading →

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Where do Colorado’s old electronics go?

Day 1: E-Waste Laws Across the Country

As the holiday season approaches, a host of tempting new electronic gadgets awaits. But what actually happens to Colorado’s old electronics? The answer may surprise you. It surprised government regulators. Our investigation uncovered illegal exporting, backyard recycling and more. Continue Reading →

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Police: Colorado Medical Marijuana Surplus Feeds Regional Black Market

Glass pipes with dried marijuana are on display at the Trichome Health Consultants dispensary in Colorado Springs.

A loophole in Colorado’s medical marijuana rules means thousands of pounds of surplus marijuana are left to feed the black market here and in neighboring states, an I-News Network investigation has found. Continue Reading →

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