Affordable Care Act

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Voice: Grant Jones

Grant Jones

“African Americans are twice as likely to have diabetes. We’re No. 1 for heart disease – we have the highest death rate. Black women – not the highest rate of breast cancer, but the highest death rate. We have the shortest life expectancy. The general statement that I make is we’re sicker than most and dying sooner than we should.” Continue Reading →

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Voices: Dr. Mark Schuster

Dr. Mark Schuster

“Where you live – the neighborhood you live in – affects your health. It affects your health in terms of the environment – if there is lead in the paint in the homes and in the soil. If the air quality is better or worse. If there is a lot of violence – a lot of violent crime – not only might your child get shot, but also you might not let your child go outside to play because you’re afraid your child is going to get harmed. So there’s lots of ways in which where you live has an effect …” Continue Reading →

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