New Documentary Examines Rocky Flats and Colorado’s Cold War Role

Looking northwest over the Rocky Flats Plant between Golden and Boulder in 1995. Demolition and cleanup was announced complete 10 years later.

Rocky Flats is Colorado's Cold War legacy. A sprawling and highly secret industrial complex involved in the production of plutonium triggers for America's nuclear bombs, Rocky Flats became the first-ever site where federal agents raided a federal installation. "Colorado's Cold War," a new documentary on Rocky Mountain PBS, premieres tonight at 7. Continue Reading →

Future Energy Storage Could Allow Saving Sun’s Power for Later Use


Hang out with people who think a lot about electricity and renewable energy for an afternoon and, sooner or later, you’ll hear them talk about a duck. The conversation will inevitably turn to flattening the duck, or even cutting its head off. And they’re not sharing taxidermy tips or favorite confit recipes.

No, they’re not sharing taxidermy tips or favorite confit recipes Continue Reading →