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Untreated: I-News Series on Soaring Costs of Mental Illness in Colorado

I-NEWS Mental Health Funding

Mental illness in Colorado costs some $5.4 billion each year – or about $1,000 for every resident of the state, according to an analysis by Rocky Mountain PBS I-News. The I-News series, Untreated: How Ignoring Mental Illness Costs Us All, takes a penetrating look at one our most vexing public health issues. Continue Reading →

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Suicide of Robin Williams Highlights Local Public Health Problem

The suicide of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams this month released a flood of brokenhearted tributes from his many fans, friends and admirers. It also brought attention to a public health problem that Coloradans suffer at a higher rate than most of the rest of the country.
Colorado’s suicide rate consistently tops the national average. Continue Reading →

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Potentially Life-Saving Hepatitis C Drug Prices Many Out of the Market


“Our concern is that a treatment cannot cure patients if they cannot afford it,” said a letter from Congress to the manufacturer of an effective new generation drug to fight hepatitis C. Gilead Sciences, Inc., responded that its drug, Sovaldi, which costs $1,000 per pill, was priced to match the cost of prior regimens. Continue Reading →

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