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In Colorado and across nation, billions of dollars owed in child support


According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data, more than $5.5 billion dollars in child support payments have fallen into arrears in Colorado over the past five fiscal years. Nationally, the amount owed nearly $560 billion over those same five years.

The latest data from the state puts that amount for 2013 at $1.17 billion (with $345 million collected.) Continue Reading →

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Many Former Rocky Flats Workers Still Wait for Radiation Exposure Benefits

A worker holds a disk of  plutonium in a containment box at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Golden, Colo., in this 1973 file photo.

Fewer than half of the 4,600 former Rocky Flats workers or their survivors who applied to a federal compensation program for health problems related to their exposure to radiation and other toxins have been approved. The $7 billion demolition and cleanup effort of the nuclear weapons plant was completed in 2005. Continue Reading →

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