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New RMPBS Documentary Explores Fate of Ancient Puebloans, Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. Drought may have been one reason the ancient civilization was abandoned.

A new documentary on Rocky Mountain PBS explores whether catastrophic drought led to the end of the Ancient Puebloan civilization at Mesa Verde and Crow Canyon. Certainly, drought is cyclical in the Southwest, as present day residents can attest. “Living West: Water” premieres on Colorado Experience tonight. Continue Reading →

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Mega-Water Utilities Join to Fund Colorado River Conservation Projects

The white ring "around the tub" shows how much elevation the surface of  Lake Mead has lost with drought stress on the Colorado River.

Four of the Southwest’s largest water utilities, including Denver Water, are joining to offer $11 million for ideas to conserve Colorado River water. The Colorado serves seven states and Mexico, and has been squeezed by ongoing drought. Projects from the lower basin states, Arizona, Nevada and California, are being solicited first. Continue Reading →

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