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Mega-Water Utilities Join to Fund Colorado River Conservation Projects

The white ring "around the tub" shows how much elevation the surface of  the lake has lost.

Four of the Southwest's largest water utilities, including Denver Water, are joining to offer $11 million for ideas to conserve Colorado River water. The Colorado serves seven states and Mexico, and has been squeezed by ongoing drought. Projects from the lower basin states, Arizona, Nevada and California, are being solicited first. Continue Reading →

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New Documentary Examines Rocky Flats and Colorado’s Cold War Role

Looking northwest over the Rocky Flats Plant between Golden and Boulder in 1995. Demolition and cleanup was announced complete 10 years later.

Rocky Flats is Colorado's Cold War legacy. A sprawling and highly secret industrial complex involved in the production of plutonium triggers for America's nuclear bombs, Rocky Flats became the first-ever site where federal agents raided a federal installation. "Colorado's Cold War," a new documentary on Rocky Mountain PBS, premieres tonight at 7. Continue Reading →

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Demand for marijuana outpaces legal supply; black market filling gap

Eric Benevento examines marijuana buds in the curing room at Medicine Man, a marijuana dispensary and retailer, in Denver on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. Policymakers in Colorado are considering changes to the state's production limits on legal marijuana to combat the sale of pot in unregulated markets.

Regulators may examine legal marijuana production caps to curb black market sales
After seven months of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, the newest goal of state regulators is to increase the amount of marijuana produced and sold by legal retailers. “Right now we are pretty significantly under what should be produced,” said Ron Kammerzell, deputy senior director of enforcement for the state Department of Revenue. “What that does is raises the prices and if the price is too high, then we can’t compete with the black market and that was our ultimate goal with Amendment 64 – we wanted to eliminate the black market,” Kammerzell said. But new data comparing demand for marijuana in Colorado with legal supply suggests that criminal enterprises could continue to flourish. In a report commissioned by the Marijuana Enforcement Division earlier this year, data show that Colorado residents and visitors will consume an estimated 130.3 metric tons of marijuana in 2014, but only about 77 metric tons will come from legal medical or recreational outlets. Continue Reading →

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