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Poverty-Level Instructor Workforce and Colorado’s Community College System


Almost 80 percent of instructors at the 13 colleges in the Colorado Community College System are classified as part-time, paid per class, and are largely without benefits, sick leave or job security. College officials say their hands are tied due to tight funding in the system, but critics say it is a matter of priorities. Continue Reading →

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Gazette Exposes Student Spying Program at Air Force Academy

Former Air Force Cadet Eric Thomas walks through the cadet dorms Tuesday, May 28, 2013, the day before the Class of 2013 graduates at the Air Force Academy. Thomas, who was a confidential informant and critical to several convictions, was kicked out of the academy in March, less than months short of graduating.  (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)

The Gazette of Colorado Springs published a remarkable investigative report Sunday that detailed how a secretive law enforcement branch of the U.S. Air Force - the Office of Special Investigations, or OSI - recruited  cadets at the Air Force Academy to inform on misconduct among fellow cadets. The story, by Gazette reporter Dave Philipps, reads like an espionage thriller, with hidden cameras and microphones, lies and misinformation to superiors, and all sorts of other surreptitious activity. One of the cadet informants, in fact, described his role as "like a spy movie." But this was no Hollywood fiction. The Gazette confirmed the clandestine program's existence through phone and text records, through interviews with former OSI agents and multiple OSI informants, court filings and documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Continue Reading →

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