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Colorado Shows Incremental Education Gains, Hoping for Much More

When the American Community Survey released its updated numbers last month Colorado's largest minority groups learned that they had made some progress in the broad disparities in education between themselves and their white counterparts. Colorado no longer has the largest gaps in the nation in college graduation rates between black and white residents, and both Latino and black adults saw high school graduation gaps narrow to their lowest levels in decades. The new numbers for 2012 show that the percent of black adults 25 years of age and older with college degrees rose from about 20 percent to 24 percent since last measured in 2010. That narrowed the gap with the state's white counterparts to less than 20 percentage points, compared to 23 percentage points in 2010. It boosted Colorado's gap status from worst to third worst, behind Connecticut and Massachusetts, according to an I-News analysis of the survey, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. Continue Reading →

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