Jim Trotter

Jim is highly regarded in Colorado journalism and beyond. He was the senior editor for investigative and enterprise journalism at the Rocky Mountain News when it closed in 2009. Since then, he has been with the Associated Press, responsible for enterprise journalism in 13 western states. Jim has edited Pulitzer Prize-winning articles and an Emmy-winning documentary. He has been a columnist at a major metropolitan newspaper and been editorial director for the public affairs show of a major metropolitan television station.

Recent Stories

Water History: Colorado River Again Makes Its Way Toward the Sea

National Geographic of historic release of Colorado River from Morelos Dam. Alexandra Verville/National Geographic.

Colorado River enthusiasts in two countries are exultant as an international agreement sends the river on its historic course toward the sea. The "pulse flow" began in March and will end later this month. Both the U.S. and Mexico and many environmental groups are closely monitoring the results of the long-awaited experiment. Continue Reading →

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