Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Jordan Wirfs-Brock is a data journalist and civic technologist whose passion is telling stories with data and empowering others to do the same. She previously worked in the Piton Foundation's Data Initiative, where she used neighborhood-level data to help people improve their communities.

Dan Boyce

Reporter Dan Boyce offers his own "humble"  account to demonstrate how most American retirement funds are invested in the oil and gas business.

Dan Boyce is a Denver-based reporter for Inside Energy. IE is a collaborative journalism initiative among public media with roots in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota and growing to include other states.

Recent Stories

Stake in the Game: Oil and Gas Retirement Account Investments


While consumers continue to feel relief at the gas pump due to falling oil prices, the story is more complicated for another piece of their financial picture. Nearly all U.S. retirement accounts are solidly invested in oil and gas companies, many of which have seen their stock prices slide alongside crude oil. Continue Reading →

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Legal Marijuana’s Footprint Could Become Much Larger on Election Day

Marijuana seedlings at Medicine Man, a marijuana dispensary and retailer, in Denver on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. Policymakers in Colorado are considering changes to the state's production limits on legal marijuana to combat the sale of pot in unregulated markets.

Voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia are voting on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Florida voters will decide whether to approve medical marijuana. Twenty-one states and D.C. have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Rocky Mountain PBS I-News has created a clickable map showing each state’s status. Continue Reading →

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