Burt Hubbard

Burt Hubbard is the editorial director of I-News. Burt is well-known in the journalism world for his data analysis skills. His numerous awards include two prestigious Best of The West awards, a national education award for investigative reporting, and Reporter of the Year in Colorado. He also was a top-10 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in local reporting for the Rocky Mountain News and is enshrined in the Scripps Howard Journalism Hall of Fame. Burt has taught computer-assisted reporting and internet research to graduate students for 11 years at the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication. For the past three years he has led research symposiums for journalists and citizens throughout Colorado on behalf of the university. Burt recently left the Denver Post to join I-News.

Recent Stories

Untreated: I-News Series on Soaring Costs of Mental Illness in Colorado

I-NEWS Mental Health Funding

Mental illness in Colorado costs some $5.4 billion each year – or about $1,000 for every resident of the state, according to an analysis by Rocky Mountain PBS I-News. The I-News series, Untreated: How Ignoring Mental Illness Costs Us All, takes a penetrating look at one our most vexing public health issues. Continue Reading →

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Colorado’s Volunteer Fire Force Could Use a Big Bump in Personnel

Firefighters listen to Lt. Mike Heckard at  the beginning of their weekly training session at the all-volunteer station in Peyton, Colo., on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014.

Like their career fire department counterparts, volunteer firefighters are expected to respond at all hours of day and night, often over extended distances, and in all weather conditions. They face the same obstacles, inherent health risks and physical dangers. The difference is that they don’t get paid. Continue Reading →

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Thousands of Dog Bites Along Front Range Focus of I-News, 9News Analysis

9Wants to Know and I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS have been working together over the past six months on an unprecedented look at reported dog bites along the Front Range.

In an unprecedented analysis of dog bites along Colorado's Front Range, an I-News, 9 Wants to Know inquiry found that more than 6,000 people had been bitten in 2012 and 2013, according to police and animal control reports. About 4 percent of the bite were labeled severe, while one in four were considered moderate and the remainder were labeled minor. Continue Reading →

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Split Ticket Voters Decided Colorado’s Top of the Ticket Races, Analysis Shows

U.S. Sen-elect Cory Gardner

There were striking similarities in the victories of U.S. Sen.-elect Cory Gardner, the Republican, and Democratic incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper, according to a Rocky Mountain PBS I-News analysis. Both did better than their party counterparts in bellwether swing counties, on their own turf, and in enemy territory. Continue Reading →

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