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Rocky Mountain PBS News produces in-depth, research-based journalism that many newsrooms couldn’t do alone. We collaborate with the most respected news outlets to deliver this journalism to millions of Coloradans.

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We produce journalism that makes a difference. Here are some recent examples:

  • More doctors now disclose drug company payments after Rocky Mountain PBS News helped Colorado Public Radio report hidden funding, allowing patients to make better-informed decisions.
  • University and law enforcement officials do more to protect students after Rocky Mountain PBS News helped Rocky Mountain PBS and other media report that some schools withheld information about assaults on campus.
  • Lawmakers changed tax law after RMPBS News helped The Denver Post reveal that movie stars and developers were getting tax breaks meant for farmers and ranchers.
  • A new state law was passed to close legal loopholes after Rocky Mountain PBS News uncovered dangerous and illegal treatment of hazardous electronic waste unknown even to regulators.
  • The Colorado State Board of Education toughened standards for online schools after Rocky Mountain PBS News helped EdNews and other partners show that online elementary and high schools get millions in tax money even though half their students leave within a year.

Statewide and Local Impact
Rocky Mountain PBS News reports on issues of statewide importance and local impact. Our specialty is turning complex information into compelling multimedia stories – so citizens can make better-informed decisions.

A six-month Rocky Mountain PBS News investigation has found that what really happens to Colorado’s rising mountain of electronic waste is not what you thought.

A six-month Rocky Mountain PBS News investigation has found that what really happens to Colorado’s rising mountain of electronic waste is not what you thought.” credit=”

Our focus is high-impact, investigative journalism with an emphasis on data analysis, statistical analysis, data visualization and public records research. These are skills most newsrooms currently lack. However, these are skills that are urgently needed to produce public service journalism.

Traditional news sources face tighter resources and more deadlines. They don’t always have the time or specialized skills to do it all. I-News is there to help.

National Network

Rocky Mountain PBS News is a founding member of the national Investigative News Network.

This national group includes nonprofit investigative journalism organizations from across the nation — from Voice of San Diego to the Center for Public Integrity, from NPR and PBS to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Collaborating on both reporting and the business of operating a nonprofit, network members are able to leverage resources and make their dollars — and their reporting — go farther.

The Public Media Code of Integrity

Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc. recognizes that the public trust is our most important asset. To maintain it, we adhere to the highest ethical standards, including The Public Media Code of Integrity.

This code was created by a collaborative of public media leaders, called Editorial Integrity for Public Media, who said:

Trust is perhaps the most important asset public broadcasting carries forward into its evolving public media future. Audiences rely on our information and perspectives as they make decisions in their public and personal lives. The public tells pollsters that public television and radio news is their most trusted source among many mass media choices.

We have built that trust by rigorous attention to editorial integrity — how we govern our organizations, raise funds for our programming, and produce our daily work.

Read The Public Media Code of Integrity and more about the organization at http://pmintegrity.org

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