“The Choice” examines what shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


choice_clinton_trumpEvery presidential election since 1988 PBS Frontline has presented a major documentary special on the Republican and the Democrat vying for the presidency, “The Choice,” to report on the people, moments and forces that shaped each candidate and led them to run.The 2016 film, debuting this week, is a fascinating two hours that weaves together the stories of Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump -two of the most polarizing candidates in U.S. history- through interviews with friends, staff, journalists who have covered them and biographers.

The result is a full picture of each one’s family background, school years and career triumphs and setbacks. Each has spent decades in the public eye, fighting battles and undergoing personal and political transformations.

Clinton has gone from an idealistic college student to a battle-hardened politician. Trump was born into wealth and became a flamboyant businessman and reality television celebrity. choice_interviews

In additional material separate from the documentary, Frontline also delves into the key elements of each candidate’s character.

You can see “The Choice” again on Rocky Mountain PBS Sunday, October 9th at 9:00pm. Or watch it online now.






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