Inside Energy: Oil And Gas Not All In For Trump


After securing the delegate to win the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump went to North Dakota to lay out his energy proposals.

Leigh Paterson/Inside Energy

Donald Trump went to North Dakota to lay out his energy proposals last May.

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Western oil industry followers watched as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed their counterparts in Pennsylvania this week.  But so far Trump has not won over donors from the industry by any large amount.

In previous presidential races, oil and gas industry dollars were a slam dunk for the Republican nominee.

This year, Democrat Hillary Clinton has actually raised more from oil and gas interests than Trump. At $552,000, that isn’t as much as previous Republican candidates, or even Obama, generated from the industry players, but it is more than twice as much as Trump.

The stumbling block appears to be lack of clarity on where Trump stands, according to this Inside Energy report by Susan Phillips.


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