Top Six of 2015: Some Colorado Towns Get Big Revenue from Tickets

We are counting down the Top Six most-viewed stories by RMPBS News in 2015.

RMPBS News’ second most-viewed story reported that some Colorado towns get much of their revenue from traffic tickets and citations. Reporter Katie Wilcox teamed up with our partners at 9News to take a look at the revenue by enforcement model.


Rocky Mountain PBS I-News, in collaboration with 9Wants to Know, analyzed 270 municipal budgets in Colorado. Among the 230 cities and towns reporting revenue from traffic tickets, only 40 municipalities earned more than 4 percent of their revenue from citations. Campo, in southeast Colorado used traffic fines to bring in 93 percent of the town’s budget in 2013. That was more than $300,000 for the town of 107 people.

Read the story here: A Handful of Colorado Towns Rely Heavily on Money from Traffic Tickets.

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