And then There Were Three…Our Top Six Most-Viewed Stories of 2015

We are counting down the Top Six most-viewed stories by RMPBS News in 2015.

College Adjunct Instructor System Leaves Many Financially Strapped from Rocky Mountain PBS on Vimeo.

Another in a series of stories on wages in Colorado by RMPBS News reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch examined how community colleges pay many adjunct faculty members at about the federal poverty level. This became our third most viewed story of 2015.


Higher education institutions across Colorado employ part-time faculty, but adjuncts in community colleges say their situation is particularly dire.

Adjuncts currently represent 4,060 employees, or 78 percent of instructors at the 13 colleges in the Colorado Community College System, and are paid per class, largely without benefits, sick leave or job security.

Read “Colorado Community Colleges Rely on Poverty-Level Instructor Workforce” here.

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