Video: Can the Planet Provide 2.4 Billion More People with Protein?

The United Nations predicted earlier this year that world population, today at 7.2 billion, will increase to 9.6 billion by 2050, with the largest growth projected in developing countries including India and within Africa.

Some of those countries are challenged today to provide sufficient food supplies for their citizens. Can the planet sustain 2.4 billion more residents 35 years from now?  A part of the answer to that question involves the production of protein, already facing spiking global consumption.

“The estimate is that we will need to produce 100 percent more food by 2050,” said Keith Belk, a molecular biologist and professor in Colorado State University’s animal science department. “And 70 percent of that will have to be based on additional technology.”

A major hurdle for increased livestock production, particularly cattle, is its impact on the environment and climate warming. In collaboration with Harvest Public Media, Rocky Mountain PBS I-News explored alternatives to the big three – beef, chicken and pork.

See more on this project at Choice Cuts: Meat in America at

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