Lawsuits Allege Chipotle Violated Labor Standards on Pay, Overtime Eligibility

Lawsuits Allege Chipotle Underpaid Employees by Making Them Work ‘Off the Clock’ from Rocky Mountain PBS on Vimeo.

One thought on “Lawsuits Allege Chipotle Violated Labor Standards on Pay, Overtime Eligibility

  1. I had a similar (far worse, actually) issue with my employer (Penrose Hospital, Colorado Springs). They too, make a big deal out of their “7 values” – Compassion, imagination, Integrety, spirituality, and so on. I had recently had a very good performance review and had just completed training to be a “mentor” to new-hire nurses. I came down with a bad gall bladder and was scheduled for surgery in my employer’s facility. The Penrose surgeon botched the operation, I became septic and was in a coma for three weeks. I came as close to death as a human being can. After waking up, I spent four more weeks re-learning how to walk and eventually staggered home on a walker. The day before I was discharged from hospital, I was informed I was to be FIRED, “because I could no longer do the work”! benefits, including my family’s health insurance, would cease in one month. Through-out my post-coma haze, I had made the assumption that this religious non-profit would follow those values and take care of me as I slowly recovered from their surgical mishap. I was incredibly mistaken. They have never apologised or done anything in the way of compensation for my financial losses or loss of health. Several years on, I am now on Social Security Disability and did start getting Medicare four years post injury. Had I been working for a corporation such as Chipotle, I might have been more on my guard. Receiving a life-changing screwing from Centura/Sisters of Charity was a true surprise! I did talk to an employment lawyer and was informed that what transpired WAS legal! One of my RN peers at the hospital received a similar charitable heave-ho after coming down with breast cancer. I can only laugh these days when the Penrose commercials come on these days. As I put it: “The sisters have been replaced by the suits.”

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