Fort Collins City Council Ups the Ante Against Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Fort Collins City Council in its last meeting adopted a highly ambitious set of goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the years and decades ahead, according to a report in the Coloradoan newspaper.

The framework for the city’s Climate Action Plan calls for reducing carbon dioxide emissions community-wide by 20 percent compared to 2005 levels by 2020, and by 80 percent by 2030. The city hopes to become carbon neutral by 2050.


Senior Coloradoan reporter Kevin Duggan noted that the council’s action came on “a  bitterly cold, snowy night.”

But when it comes to the battle against warming, there’s no time like the present.

“It’s clear big actions are called for,” said Lucinda Smith, the city’s environmental sustainability director.

The council supported the plan unanimously, Duggan reported, but some warned that the details, particularly the costs, remained to be determined. Just hitting the 2020 benchmark could cost $600 million, Smith estimated.

But, she said, if the city becomes carbon neutral by 2050 it could realize billions of dollars in savings as well as better community health.

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