Top Six of 2015: Marijuana Stories Continue to Draw Readers’ Interest

We are counting down the Top Six most-viewed stories by RMPBS News in 2015.

Stories by RMPBS News about Colorado’s marijuana industry are usually heavily visited and Katie Wilcox’s article “Denver Cracks Down on Marijuana ‘Caregiver’ Warehouse Grow” followed form. It was our fourth most-viewed report of 2015.

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The Denver City Council dropped the hammer in March 2015 on the practice of caregivers combining their medical and personal marijuana grows at warehouses after the fire department presented evidence that the process had gotten far out of hand. Caregivers had rented warehouse space collectively, and in some of these buildings hundreds or even thousands of marijuana plants were being grown.

Read the rest of the story here: Denver Cracks Down on Marijuana ‘Caregiver’ Warehouse Grows

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