Walking in a Front Range Dog Park, You Likely will Meet a Lab Named Bella

Chances are if you walk into a dog park, you are likely to find a Labrador named Bella. That is the most popular dog breed and name along the Front Range.

Rocky Mountain PBS I-News and 9News gathered data on more than 130,000 pet registrations from Colorado Springs to Boulder.  The data found:

  •        Labradors were the most popular breed at 18,826 or one of every seven registered dogs. They were followed by Chihuahuas, 6,782, and German Shepherds, 6,811.
  •        Bella, Buddy and Max were the most popular names at 1,481, 1,249 and 1,225, respectively
  •        Sports figures tended to dominate pets named after celebrities. There were 52 Kobes (Bryant), 35 Melos or Carmelos (Anthony) and 32 Magics (Johnson).
  •        Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning beat out his boss, John Elway. There were 51 Peytons and only 19 Elways.
  •        Elvis remained the King among celebrities with 90 pets named after him.
  •        Hip Hop star Bow Wow only had one dog named after him. However, 19 lazy owners named their pets  “doggie” or plain old  “dog.”


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