PBS NEWSHOUR: Planet Bluegrass in Flood Ravaged Lyons is Reborn

Last September’s epic flooding cut the popular mountain town of Lyons “into seven islands without a bridge,” in the words of one town hall volunteer.

The destruction was particularly heavy in the confluence area on the west side of town where north and south St. Vrain creeks come together. Planet Bluegrass Ranch, home to the nationally renowned bluegrass festival, RockyGrass, was underwater with heavy damage to buildings.

But as our friends at PBS NEWSHOUR recently reported, Planet Bluegrass rebuilt, and, in the Planet’s own words, “Thanks to the tireless work of our crew, Planet Bluegrass 2.0 is now a reality, including a re-sculpted seating area with better views for everyone, a rebuilt Wildflower Pavilion, and new river pathways and beach.”

And RockyGrass did go on as scheduled last month, a powerful testament to the determination and the spirit of renewal among all involved.

“To those who traveled to attend the festival, it appeared that everything was back to normal,” NEWSHOUR reported. “While musical guests spoke of the town’s resilience, a few reminded the audience that not everyone has been able to come back home. The trailer park where many musicians and their families lived, as well as more affordable homes and rental properties in Lyons, have not been rebuilt.”

On RockyGrass Sunday,  a group of Lyons still-homeless musicians and their children performed for the crowd.

For those who love Lyons, who love bluegrass music, who love Colorado, Jeffrey Brown’s full story on PBS NewsHour is well worth seeing. You can do that here.


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