Display of Potential Pot Edibles Vending Machine Ignites Ski Country Lawsuit

Whether or not the Zazzz vending machine, which is apparently designed to dispense marijuana edibles, will ever see the light of day, much less come into common usage, remains to be seen.

But the appearance of a prototype at a private party for potential investors and stockholders sparked a two-day legal battle that cost six figures in Colorado ski country, Vail Daily has reported.

Montana’s restaurant in Avon was the site of April 11 and 12 private function for American Green, a Nevada company that manufactured the machine. For this event, the brightly-colored box was stocked with digestive aids and energy drinks, American Green COO Stephen Shearin told Vail Daily’s Randy Wyrick.

After the event was publicized, Montana’s was sued by their landlord, Hoffman Commercial Real Estate of Chicago, who claimed the restaurant had damaged Hoffman’s reputation by allowing a potential marijuana edibles vending machine to be displayed.

“This is not the sort of image we want to portray,” Hoffmann President Jonathan White said, according to the newspaper account.

A quick conclusion might be that some people have too much time and money on their hands, but the dispute apparently goes more deeply.

Montana’s was in Benchmark Plaza before the Hoffman group bought the  building. Montana’s lawyer, Tracy Ashmore, said the Hoffman lawsuit is the  latest in a year-long litany of harassment.

Final briefs are due in October, the newspaper reported, with District Fourt Judge Fred Gannett scheduled to rule after that.

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