Leaders of Plan to Radically Redraw Colorado House Give Up for Now

Denver and El Paso County can breathe a sigh of relief after promoters of a ballot measure gave up their effort to give each county only one state representative, no matter the population size.

At least for this election year.

Philips County officials Joe Kinnie and Randy Schafer with Restore Colorado told volunteers to stop their petition gathering after they concluded they did not have enough time or money to get the necessary 86,105 signatures by August to get on the November ballot.

A group calling itself "Restoring Colorado" wants to redraw the  state house of representatives to make it one county, one vote.


The ballot measure would have asked voters to totally revamp how the Colorado State House of Representatives is elected, giving each of the state’s 64 counties one representative. That would have mean San Juan County with several hundred people would have the same number as Denver and El Paso counties with several hundred thousand.

The group’s objection to the current system is that of the 65 House members all but 13 are from the Front Range. “Colorado citizens outside the Front Range have very little voice, ” Restore Colorado said in a statement.

However, Kinnie and Schafer said they will regroup and try again with the “Phillips County Plan” for the 2016 election.

Both officials were part of the movement last year to get 11 Colorado counties to vote to pursue secession from the state. Five, including Phillips County, backed the move, but the other six voted it down.

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