Even with New Laws, 2013 Is Record Gun Year in Colorado

Whatever else Colorado’s new gun control measures accomplished during the course of 2013, they almost certainly didn’t restrict many people who wanted one from buying a gun.

The Denver Post reported Tuesday there were 396,955 background checks processed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in 2013, a record number, topping 2012’s total by 53,653 checks.

This followed a report by the CU News Corps that the total 354,880 background checks through November 2013 were already more than 2012’s  335,940, also a record.

The Post’s story by reporter Ryan Parker stated that 6,198 CBI checks were run for private gun sales starting in July, when the provisions of one of the new state laws, expanded background checks, took effect. The new checks for private sales resulted in 122 denials during those months.

In the hue and cry over the state’s new rules, which also included limiting bullet magazines to 15 rounds, two Democratic state senators who supported the measures were successfully recalled by their unhappy constituents, and another was forced to resign rather than face recall.

The new rules were also often cited by proponents of the 51st state initiative, in which 11 counties voted in November on whether to pursue seceding from Colorado.

Overall, Parker reported, 2013 data show that only 1.9 percent of checks were denied, compared 2.1 percent of background checks in 2012 that resulted in denials.

Tony Fabian, president of the Colorado State Shooting Association, told CU News Corps that last session’s gun legislation was stifling and unnecessary.

“There are now ridiculous hurdles to obtaining a firearm,” Fabian said.

But, according to the record number of permits, perhaps not.


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