Black Round Table to Hold Second Losing Ground Forum

The Colorado Black Round Table will hold a community forum this weekend to address economic development in the black community as part of a continuing response to the Losing Ground series by I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS.

The series, which ran last winter, showed that by some of the most important measures of social progress Colorado’s two largest minority groups, Latinos and blacks, were falling further behind the state’s white residents.

I-News analyzed six decades of U.S. Census Bureau data as well as health and justice records to measure such categories as family income, poverty rates, high school and college graduation, home ownership, incarceration and infant mortality.

In this Saturday’s forum, officials from the city of Denver and the Denver Public School District will report on job training, public works projects and other employment programs. The program begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center, 3334 Holly St. in Denver.

The I-News analysis showed that minority gains made during the decades surrounding the Civil Rights Movement, which featured programs including affirmative action at a time of robust manufacturing jobs and government employment, slipped away in later decades.

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