‘Backseat Budgeter’ takes a look at Colorado’s Upcoming Ballot Issues

Want to learn more about the two major Colorado ballot measures coming up next month, Amendment 66, which deals with school finance reform, and Proposition AA, which puts forth how the state would like to cash in on recreational marijuana?

One handy-dandy Web site for understanding the nuances of the issues is the updated Colorad0 Backseat Budgeter, an interactive guide published by Engaged Public, the Denver-based public policy strategy firm, in collaboration with the Colorado Futures Center at Colorado State University. The new edition also lays out
the state budget in an easy to understand fashion and offers you, Jolene or John Q. Public, the opportunity to make your own suggested changes, providing you don’t violate state law, of course.

The marijuana question pertains to a problem created when state voters approved Amendment 64, legalizing recreational pot for adults, in 2012. The tax language in the amendment was found to be non-compliant with the state’s TABOR Amendment, requiring this do-over.  Amendment 66 asks for a $950 million education tax increase that Gov. John Hickenlooper told The Denver Post would make Colorado “a national model for public education.”

“The Backseat Budgeter helps put these initiatives in the context of the larger challenges facing our state so citizens can get involved and make their opinions known to elected officials,” said Phyllis Resnick, lead economist at the Colorado Futures Center at CSU.

Plus, it’s a pretty cool tool.

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