Secessionists to Colorado: We’re Out of Here!

Map of New Colorado

Map of New Colorado

Colorado would stand to benefit financially and would see some improvement in the educational and economic standing of its remaining citizens if 10 northeastern counties should make good on their threat to secede and carve out a new state of North Colorado.

On the other hand, what’s left of Colorado would lose half of its lucrative oil wells, much of its prime farmland and some of the lowest crime areas in the state.

Also, Moffat County in far northwest Colorado has a secession vote next month in hopes of joining Wyoming.

Can’t we all just get along?

Proponents of secession say they are tired of the states rural counties being ignored by a state legislature dominated by urban Front Range interests, and believe they be better off on their own. I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS analyzed census, budget, crime and voter records to develop profiles of a new 51st state and a truncated Colorado, and to try to determine who would come out ahead if secession became reality.

See the entire report with photos and videos here. Colorado Secessionist Movement

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