Frustration at Federal Shutdown Is the Campus Order of the Day

On camera interviews, in order of appearance, Antonio Almeida, Consuelo Whitman, Amanda Hildebrandt, Ray Sedillo and Sky Yarbrough at the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. (Video by Steve Mort/Feature News Story)

Frustration, disappointment, “ridiculous” and “not a good thing.”

These were just some of the reactions on Denver’s Auraria campus Tuesday to the partial shutdown of the federal government. Most people didn’t assign blame particularly to one party or the other, while most expressed dismay with the politics and elected officials, in general.

“Elected officials are the ones getting paid for this,” said Consuelo Whitman, on a warm, sunny afternoon on campus. “Others in the federal government have nothing.”

“Neither of the parties wanted to step up and do the right thing,” said Amanda Hildebrandt.

“I’m just really frustrated,” said Sky Yarbrough. “Politicians should stop playing games and move on.”

Antonio Almeida was worried about his unemployment check, while Rey Sedillo worried about the impact on the military and those dependent on disability checks.

All in all, those on campus gave those on Capitol Hill two thumbs down in this man and woman in the street video.

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