Healthier Food Baskets for North Denver

Working class communities often find themselves in so-called “food deserts,” without access to fresh, healthy food.  Enter the local, sustainable food movement, and The Grow Haus in North Denver.

From their greenhouse at 47th and York, The Grow Haus is building a national reputation for educational programs, demonstration projects, and for simply growing lots of good, local healthy food to offer to neighborhood residents.

Adam Brock, director of operations, told “First Take with Lando and Chavis” on KUVO about The Grow Haus food basket program, “Mercado de al Lado,” available for just $20 to residents of Denver’s Elyria – Swansea  and Globeville neighborhoods (a still affordable $37 to others), loaded with produce from local growers.

Also, on Saturday, Aug. 10, The Grow Haus is hosting a community block party with food cooked on the spot, plus they’ll unveil a new mural.

Details are available at their website:

Listen to the KUVO interview with Adam Brock…

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