Historic Colorado tornadoes that could be a different story today

May 30, 1957 – two F2 tornadoes touched down near Windsor within an hour of each other. One person was injured.

May 20, 1961 – an F2 tornado touched down for two miles in the area north and west of downtown Castle Rock where the Douglas County courthouse and hotels are today. It injured two people.

On May 8, 1975 – an F3 tornado touched down near 56th Avenue and Picadilly Road and tracked to the northeast. It was on the ground for four miles and was a quarter-mile wide. Today, one of the runways at Denver International Airport and the west parking lot next to the main terminal lie along the tornado’s path. No one was injured.

May 30, 1976 – an F2 tornado touched down and traveled several miles just southeast of the location today of Dick’s Sporting Good’s Park.

July 19, 1985 – an F2 tornado hit where the Sky Ridge Medical Center is today off I-25 in north Douglas County. No one was injured.

June 5, 1988 – an F2 tornado touched down near a Broomfield subdivision north of Outlook Park. Today, houses are located in the area.

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