Losing Ground: Socioeconomic gaps widening between Colorado minorities and whites

By some of the most important measures of social progress, black and Latino residents of Colorado have lost ground compared to white residents in the decades since the civil rights movement. Minority gains made during the 1960s and 1970s have eroded with time, an I-News analysis of six decades of demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau found. In other categories, the gaps between whites and minorities have steadily widened since 1960.

Losing Ground Disintegrating Family

The analysis focused on family income, poverty rates, high school and college graduation and home ownership. Health data and justice records examined also revealed stark disparities. Similar racial and ethnic inequities appear nationwide. But one glaring fact about Colorado is that it went from a state that was by most measures more equitable than the national average in the first decades covered by the analysis to one that is less so now. According to most experts, racial and ethnic inequality will pose a significant future handicap for a state in which minorities are the fast growing population.

Read the entire project here: Losing Ground

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