Harold Fields receives MLK Humanitarian Award

Harold Fields, a member of the I-News board of directors, today received a humanitarian award from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission.

Harold Fields

Harold Fields

Fields was a systems engineer for IBM who managed the team that built the prototype for spreadsheet technology. He developed the software that drove the first laser video disk, and he managed teams in robotics and artificial intelligence.

He was a project director for Frontier Airlines and United Airlines, where he was a chief designer of the Apollo Reservation System, and the leading hotel and travel agent reservation systems.

Fields was a founder of Multi-Racial Families of Colorado, and he leads a monthly racial dialogue in Denver.

In addition to serving on the I-News board of directors, Fields is a board member for the national Coming to the Table organization that brings together descendants of former slaves and slave owners. He is an active member of The Denver Foundation’s Inclusiveness Project Committee.

At the University of Denver, Fields sings with the Spirituals Project Choir, is music librarian and has been conducting oral histories of people involved in the preservation of African American spirituals for an online curriculum.

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