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Here’s a snapshot I took this week of the I-News newsroom.

There’s such a buzz in the newsroom these days. You can see the two newest members of our staff, reporter-extraordinaire Kevin Vaughan in the back and editor-with-the-magic-touch Jim Trotter in the foreground.

I-News Newsroom, October 2012

The I-News newsroom. Clockwise from top: Kevin Vaughan, Joe Mahoney, Burt Hubbard, Jim Trotter and Ann Carnahan Espinola.

Jim is working with reporter Ann Carnahan Espinola, who has teamed up with Burt Hubbard (you can see him working away on his computer). They’re in the middle of a major project looking at how Colorado compares to the rest of the nation when it comes to matters of race and things like income, education and health – and what that means to the future of the state. Stay tuned for more on this project soon.

In between Burt and Kevin is multimedia director Joe Mahoney. You can’t see his desktop, but it’s full of computer screens, which are full of video clips, photos, and website work. He’s full of talent.

Joe might cringe at my photo-taking skill, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to just capture that moment. After all the lamenting in recent years about the loss of in-depth, public service journalism, it struck me (right before snapping this picture) how vibrantly I-News is helping reverse that trend.

Thank you for your support. And you’re welcome to come visit our newsroom any time!

– Laura Frank

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About Laura Frank

Laura Frank is the executive director of I-News, the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network. Laura is a Denver native who spent 20 years at newspapers, radio and public television around the country, specializing in in-depth reporting that requires data analysis and deep public records research. She has trained hundreds of journalists for more than a dozen media organizations, including the nation’s largest newspaper company (Gannett). Her work has been recognized in both broadcast and print, including a regional Emmy for documentary production in 1990 and as a top-10 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 at the Rocky Mountain News.

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