Journalism that makes a difference

The I-News Network is a nonprofit organization that gives millions of Coloradans access to in-depth news they wouldn’t find any other way – stories that inspire real action and positive change.

I-News helps news media throughout Colorado produce in-depth journalism they couldn’t do alone; we train journalists in other newsrooms to do the kind of in-depth reporting and research that I-News does; and we help citizens and students learn investigative reporting skills: to think critically, research deeply and tell compelling stories important for the public to know.

I-News has helped media across the state produce news reports that live up to the I-News motto: Journalism that makes a difference.

Here are some examples:

More doctors now disclose drug company payments after I-News helped Colorado Public Radio report hidden funding.

Lawmakers changed tax law after I-News helped the Denver Post reveal that movie stars and developers were getting tax breaks meant for farmers and ranchers.

Legislation was introduced after I-News helped its media partners uncover dangerous and illegal treatment of hazardous electronic waste unknown even to regulators.

Lawmakers called for a state audit after I-News helped Education News Colorado, KUSA-TV and other partners show that online elementary and high schools get millions in tax money even though half their students leave within a year.

Northern Colorado residents sought to help disabled neighbors live independently and save tax dollars after I-News helped public radio station KUNC and other media partners show how state resources were directed.

University and law enforcement officials do more to protect students after I-News helped our media partners report that some schools withheld information about sexual assaults on campus.

These are the kinds of real results that can happen when a community has access to the specialized I-News kind of quality, in-depth journalism.

About Laura Frank

Laura Frank is the executive director of I-News, the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network. Laura is a Denver native who spent 20 years at newspapers, radio and public television around the country, specializing in in-depth reporting that requires data analysis and deep public records research. She has trained hundreds of journalists for more than a dozen media organizations, including the nation’s largest newspaper company (Gannett). Her work has been recognized in both broadcast and print, including a regional Emmy for documentary production in 1990 and as a top-10 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 at the Rocky Mountain News.

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