I-News Turns 2

By Laura Frank
The I-News Network

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of I-News with a look at the impact this nonprofit news organization has had already.

I-News journalism has inspired Coloradans to change laws and lives. We’ve reached millions of people through our media partners, which include the most respected news outlets in the state. And we’re helping reshape the future of public-interest journalism.

Colorado is at the forefront of the evolution of journalism. If you’d like to get involved, please sign up for our newsletter and join our Public Insight Network, where you can help inform our reporting.



Quality journalism can change life for the better. In just two short years, I-News has shown a small team of investigative journalists working with existing, ethnic and emerging media can make a difference. Here are some examples of I-News’ impact:

  • Lawmakers changed tax law after I-News helped the Denver Post reveal that movie stars and developers got tax breaks meant for farmers and ranchers.
  • More doctors now disclose payments from drug companies after I-News helped Colorado Public Radio report hidden funding.
  • Officials do more to protect students after I-News helped Rocky Mountain PBS report some schools withheld information about sexual assaults on campus.
  • The Colorado state board of education toughened standards for online schools after I-News showed the schools get millions in tax money while half their students drop out.
  • In Northern Colorado, residents sought to help disabled neighbors live independently and save tax dollars after I-News showed how state policies trapped them in nursing homes.

Thanks to all of you who have helped make these two years so successful. I-News is looking forward to many more.

Laura Frank, executive director
Burt Hubbard, editorial director
Joe Mahoney, multimedia director

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