A gift to I-News

About a year ago, I-News heard a disturbing anecdote about children in Colorado who were having terrible trouble with their teeth – and that was causing lots of other trouble. We knew there were important stories on this issue that weren’t being told. And we knew the public would want to know.

We also knew it would take significant time and resources to investigate the multiple issues involved. We weren’t quite sure how we would do it. Then we got an email that would change everything.

The board of directors at the nonprofit Delta Dental of Colorado decides each year how to invest some of its funds for the public good. This year, they decided to invest in independent, in-depth journalism.

We are thrilled to announce that the nonprofit Delta Dental of Colorado has given I-News a $50,000 grant to pursue important oral health stories in the coming year. They also agreed to our financial support policy, which prohibits outside influence in our journalistic work.

The topic of oral health is one of the most important in the state. The state health department this year declared oral health one of the Top 10 “winnable battles” to protect public health.

So stay tuned. And if you have expertise or experience regarding oral health, we’d love to hear from you. Please join our Public Insight Network so you can help add depth to our in-depth reporting.

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