I-News – and YOU – made a difference in 2011

For all of you who have supported I-News with your hearts, minds and pocketbooks, we thought you’d like to know what impact you’ve had.


You have helped in-depth news and information flourish in Colorado – and that has led to some significant and real differences in the lives of Coloradans. Here are some examples.

  • More doctors now disclose drug company payments after I-News helped Colorado Public Radio report hidden funding, allowing patients to make better-informed decisions.
  • Legislative leaders called for a state audit after I-News helped EdNews and other partners show that online elementary and high schools get millions in tax money even though half their students leave within a year.

That’s some significant impact from a startup journalism nonprofit.

And it comes on top of equally significant impact from the first journalism we produced last year:

Around the nation, people are concerned about the survival of serious, in-depth journalism. But here in Colorado, we’re sustaining journalism that makes a difference.

Here’s to an even better 2012!
– The I-News Team

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