Obama and Beohner and Budgets…oh, my!

Budget HeroPlay a game and help make journalism better!

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And if that weren’t fun enough, PIN periodically offers news-related games. Here’s the latest. It’s called Budget Hero and it lets you try your own hand at balancing the federal budget.

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado was one of a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the unveiling of the game in Washington, D.C.

“The point of the game is to educate and empower us and I hope it is played in schools and right here at the Capitol,” Udall (D-CO) told reporters.

Read more from PIN and American Public Media:

Do you have what it takes to become a “Budget Hero”? Find out in this engaging and journalistically sound game from American Public Media. It encourages you to think through the complexities and challenges of the U.S. federal budget and the major policy issues. It frames the policy debate as a set of federal budget choices determining how money will be raised and spent.

The Public Insight Network team at American Public Media has completely re-engineered the Budget Hero game to bring it up to date for 2011, with the latest Congressional Budget Office figures and policy options currently being debated by Congress and President Obama, including options related to:

  • Sen. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan
  • Overhauling Medicare with a mix of increased premiums and lower payments to pharma companies (Bipartisan Policy Center)
  • Replacing farm subsidies with savings accounts (Sen. Richard Lugar, Rep. Michele Bachmann)
  • Freezing military spending (Bipartisan Policy Center)
  • A Tea Party badge

Budget Hero requires you to make tradeoffs and confront compromises inherent in balancing a budget. Can you become a Budget Hero, create a sustainable government and stay true to your values?

Click here to play the game.

Find out more about the game

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