I-News Audio Reports: Census and Air Safety

I-News Audio ReportHere are two short audio reports from I-News reporter Burt Hubbard.

The first report is about recently released census data. I-News partners can localize this report with census numbers from their own cities and counties. Instructions follow the script.

Lower on the page is a report on aviation safety.

Census Round-up
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Script of audio report:

BURT HUBBARD: Colorado became more diverse and older during the last decade, the 2010 Census found. Our partners at the Rocky Mountain I-News Network analyzed the newly released data. Here’s I-News’ Burt Hubbard with more.

Colorado is 70% white, but the 2010 Census found a surge in Hispanic population growth.

Now one in five Coloradans is Hispanic.

Aurora became the first major Colorado city with more minorities than whites, surpassing Denver in minority population growth. The census found Aurora was 53% minority.

Colorado as a whole also is aging. The portion of state residents older than 18 grew by two-thirds. Children now make up only a quarter of the state’s population.

The hot spots for overall population growth in Colorado were on the north and south ends of Metro Denver, and on the Western Slope, along the I-70 corridor.

For I-News, I’m Burt Hubbard.

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TO LOCALIZE YOUR LEAD-IN OR LEAD-OUT: Simply follow the links below marked “Colorado Counties All Categories” or “Colorado Cities All Categories.” The numbers are in Excel spreadsheets or text files. You can use them to say, for example, how your county’s percent children compares to the state as a whole. To do that, simply click on Colorado Counties to download the folder, then open the “Ages” file. You can do the same for housing, population and race, too. (The Excel version of this data displays the information in tabs.)

Find the complete text report here: Census Data

Air Safety Report
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Script of audio report:

BURT HUBBARD: Safety concerns at Colorado airports soared last year. The Rocky Mountain I-News Network, a collaborative of Colorado media, analyzed a decades’ worth of air safety reports and found some disturbing trends. I-News’ Burt Hubbard has more:

I-News analyzed a decade’s worth of safety records from NASA and the FAA – and found Colorado air traffic controllers reported more serious safety concerns last year than in the previous five years combined.

The analysis also found that the number of near mid-air collisions in Colorado skies may be as much as three times higher than the FAA reports publicly.

Experts say the skies are safe. But they predict a shakeout as a wave of veteran controllers, pilots and mechanics reach retirement next year.

Aviation consultant Michael Boyd says concern has been growing for some time.


We’ve been looking at this since 1993, testified to Congress in 1994. And what we find is over and over again the same thing keeps coming up and coming up and coming up. So we have a system problem, I think, at the top.

BURT HUBBARD: FAA officials told I-News that they’re methodically training a new generation of controllers.

But Congressional investigators have warned for eight years that FAA was moving too slowly. 

For I-News, I’m Burt Hubbard

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Find the complete text report here: Air Safety Reports Soar

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